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The network of WTM Centres span India and the world, with Centres across Europe, the UK, Australia, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and the Americas — and new locations continue to open apace as momentum builds for Jeremy Griffith’s all-important breakthrough biological understanding of the human condition.

The founder of the WTM Delhi Centre, Professor Chanchal Malhotra, has a Master’s in Botany and a Doctorate in Biotechnology. She is an Assistant Professor of Botany at Baba Mastnath University in Rohtak, Haryana, and previously worked in various public schools in Delhi as a Post Graduate Teacher.

Born and raised in Haryana, and married with two children, Chanchal has long used poetry to express her creativity. For many years she has also practiced meditation, based on the teachings of India’s spiritual leaders — especially those who incorporate science into their teachings, such as Osho — but it was when she came across THE Interview that her interest in science, spirituality, psychology and psychiatry found its destination:

THE Interview was a wonderful moment in my life; it shook my life. This had the answers to all the questions I had throughout my life. And as a biologist, I could understand evolution, and the fight between the genes and the neurons, very clearly. So I joined the World Transformation Movement and read the book, FREEDOM. I felt each and every word of the book speaking with me. It is the solution to the human condition, all the problems in the universe, and no other understanding can there be. The answers are all there.

I have also read some of Jeremy’s other books, Death by Dogma, The Great Guilt, and recently, Our Meaning. After reading Our Meaning, I was in tears with the wonderful insight. I felt the cry of freedom, the cry of love, the cry of ecstasy.

So I am not letting any chance go to use the content of Jeremy’s books. In addition to sharing it with my husband and children, as part of a teaching faculty, whenever I get the chance to showcase the work about human suffering and its solution, I am showcasing it; in my presentations on topics like body shaming, and biodiversity awareness programmes, I am exclusively using the content of Jeremy’s books. This information provides the answers for not just humans but all other life too. It will create not just a good world, but a good universe!”

Chanchal with her daughter
Chanchal with her husbandChanchal with her family